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Currently there is only a class in linear regression for SPSS. More coming soon!

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If you are using linear regression for your dissertation, please check it out. I have included the basics as well as enough contingencies to cover 95% of all dissertation analyses, including problems with data, violations of assumptions, and creating a wide array of visualizations. Even better, I support the course, so if you are confused or something is missing, I’ll fill in the gaps (and make the course better as a result).

Topics covered:

  • Data Prep
  • Interpreting regression output
  • Testing assumptions
  • Dealing with outliers
  • Nonlinear relationships
  • Interaction / moderation
  • Visualization of results (graphs)
  • other emergent problems and issues

Creating online classes is a life goal of mine. Online classes that allow me to help and educate more people, at a lower cost. Consultation can be costly, and should not be only available to those who can afford the expense, and I don’t like to do work that contributes to increasing student loan debt.