Business Consulting for Research

Business Research Consulting – Design, Implement, Analyze.

You need quality research built on a core of data analysis excellence. Get precisely the amount of help you need with StatsFriend. With fully custom research and analysis projects, I empower you with insights, suggestions, and new data-driven perspectives. Then you make the decisions about what to do. This is often referred to as “influence without authority” role.

Typical services offered:

  • Analyze your collected data
  • Organizational development research
  • Research/Survey design
  • Statistical competency training
  • Data visualization
  • Custom projects

From marketing to human resources, I can design and conduct the numbers-driven research projects you require. Yes this is a one-man operation and I can handle fairly complex projects. When needed, I have a network of qualified professionals from business, psychology, and data analytics to jump on board. In today’s world, this is how efficient consulting happens. My services are much more affordable than big firms, and my clients could not be happier. So, why not start a conversation?

To begin your free consultation, or simply ask a question, please send a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

Examples of projects I prefer to work on:

  • Organizational Development
  • Validating psychology-based marketing messages
  • Determining success of marketing efforts, and identifying new strategies
  • Creating web surveys (Survey Monkey, etc.) for customer or employee research
  • Analyzing health promotion programs
  • Improving hiring processes with enhanced research methods and variables

Most organizations conduct highly flawed research, or “adequate” solutions, but we can do much better. 

I have combined my prior business ownership experience, PhD in Organizational Psychology, and statistical expertise to offer uniquely powerful research projects for businesses.

There’s a reason businesses and government organizations have been calling on me to manage their research and data analysis. Doing better research leads to better results.

To read more about how psychology and research combine for incredible results, see my post: Psychology and Research

Contact me today, initial consultations and quotes are always free. I work remotely or by traveling to you when needed. I can analyze existing data sets or help you design and implement the entire research cycle.

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