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StatsFriend, your Dissertation Consultant: Research Design, Data Collection Statistics, Results, Defense, Graduation!

I’ve successfully helped more than 200 students complete their dissertation projects as their dissertation consultant. Are you next?

Reasons to hire me as your dissertation consultant:

  • Ace your statistical analysis no matter how much you liked/hated statistics class or how much you forgot.
  • Receive laser-focused education on only the statistical concepts you need to defend your project. Nothing less, nothing more. I’ve received multiple teaching awards for making statistics easier for university students!
  • Graduate 1-3 terms sooner than going it alone.
  • Stop paying to work – right now you pay tuition for the opportunity to struggle and burn out – when you should be graduating and getting paid for the work you do.
  • Drastically reduce your stress levels by getting unlimited assistance and support.
  • A dissertation consultant can anticipate what your committee will require of you and ask you at defense.
  • Costs can be paid by student loans while saving you from future tuition, hundreds of hours of struggle, and advancing your life and career instead of being “stuck” in dissertation for months or years.
  • Universities allow the use of consultants. It’s up to you if you inform them you have hired help, but I’ve never heard of a University that disallows it (as long as you also learn instead of simply paying to have it done for you).
  • I am an expert in: SPSS, Stata, SAS, Excel, R, R-studio, Python, and more.
  • Get help staying on task and overcoming procrastination with included coaching.

StatsFriend is your full-service Statistical Consultant for your Dissertation Research Project.

From planning to graduation, I will help you complete your research project with ease. 

Analyze your data faster and with a better understanding of the results than you ever thought possible! 

Customize to your needs from simple data analysis to enhanced tutoring and writing assistance.

As a former Director of Research, I know exactly what it takes to pass defense and impress your committee. Beyond expert statistical dissertation consulting, I will provide the caring and complete support you need to fully understand the results, write an amazing results section, and move forward with minimal stress. Getting the help you need will lead to graduating weeks or months faster than going it alone. Dissertation consulting the way you want it – low stress, easy to understand, and there when you need me by phone, text, email, or video chat.

Ready for a free quote, or have a question? Scroll to the bottom of this page to schedule an appointment or send me a message.

More than a dissertation consultant, I am your project partner and Stats Friend.

You won’t find a more kind and competent consultant.  Please see my reviews to get an idea how clients feel about me and my work. I perform data analysis in SPSS, R, Stata, SAS, Mplus, Lisrel, Python, and Excel. I will provide detailed results, as well as APA-formatted tables/figures and results chapter writing help as requested.

Hiring an expert consultant is a smart move with net benefits.

Imagine the difference between hiring a mechanic or trying to fix a car on your own! Typical benefits for my clients are reduced effort/stress, faster graduation, paying less tuition, and greater confidence at defense. Not just “help”, my approach and experience are more like having a personal guide and mentor. Clients also report the benefits of moving more quickly from student to their intended career, often months or years sooner.

Move from stress to success.  Schedule a free consultation right now – you’ll be glad you did!  Initial consultation, questions, and project quotes are free of charge.

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