Independent Research – StatsFriend can help.

Conducting Independent Research? StatsFriend can help.

Independent research that you conduct for your business, clinical practice, or workplace can be an excellent fit for hiring a consultant.  Why? Because I can do the part of the work you don’t want to. You advance your goals and career, and it happens easily with my help. 

Usually there are 2 scenarios…

Scenario #1:  You may know what research you want do conduct, but need help to make it happen.  You know what you want to test or prove, but not sure  how to do that.  In this case I would help you design the study, collect data, analyze data, and interpret/write the results.

Scenario #2:  Your data is collected but the analysis has become more complex than you imagined, or you don’t know how to analyze it to begin with.  Or maybe your employee, friend, or coworker lined up to help you has gone AWOL.  In this case you send me the data then I help you analyze and interpret/write.

Ready to discuss your project? Send me a quick note through the contact form at the bottom of this page, and soon you’ll have a free quote for your needs.

Do you really need a consultant?

Maybe you promised a bit more to your boss than your current bandwidth can support, or you want to make a name for yourself in your field, or get published so you can land that academic position you’ve been vying for. With help this can be a rather painless and fast process, while those going it alone are stressed for an extended period of time. Usually the cost of professional consulting is justifed once you consider your stress levels, the quality of the project, and advancing your project or career weeks/months faster. If you get that publication/promotion/job ahead of schedule, the benefit easily outweighs the cost. Even though it’s probably true that you could complete the project on your own, it usually doesn’t make sense.

Examples of independent project topics I’ve helped with: clinical psychology program efficacy, art therapy longitudinal benefits, comparing veterinary medical treatments, drug and alcohol recovery success rates, understanding television viewing habits, predicting national park visitation, optimizing marketing messaging, and many more.

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