Reviews for StatsFriend consulting

I am happy to present to you some comments from my business and academic clients. There is nothing better than knowing my work has a positive impact!

“Brian is a great resource for remote teams because he maintains a high degree of contact, customer-need orientation, and consistently meets deadlines. Brian manages his schedule flexibly to pick up the workflow whenever it’s needed. For example, Brian worked opposite shifts from me so we could maintain steady progress towards our goal. By doing so, we managed to complete a project in less than half the time expected. Brian also probes to understand precisely what’s needed and why in order to deliver the best work in an an extremely timely manner. Brian is highly professional, highly skilled, and always eager to learn more to meet the needs of the team. I recommend working with Brian if you need a remote teammate you can count on.”

Bernie Voss, MA (from LinkedIn) – Cincinnati, OH


“I highly recommend Brian for any business or research statistical work for two simple reasons: expertise and ease. I have used Brian on multiple occasions for statistical work and business analysis, and he always delivers on time, on budget, and he develops a precision product. I don’t know of any other statisticians that have his level of expertise in the subject or are easier to work with. If you have any business or research statistical consulting needs, Brian is your guy.”

Dan Green, PhD MBA – Washington, DC


“I am very pleased to recommend Brian as a statistical consultant. He is responsive, professional and works very quickly to provide you with the high quality data you need. I will definitely turn to him in the future to provide my company with these services.”

Sumayah Jamal, MD-PhD – New York, NY


“Brian was awesome!! He helped me with the statistics portion for my dissertation. I recommend meeting with Brian when you are still in the beginning stages of your dissertation. We met prior to me completing my literature review when I really didn’t even have a research question, but rather, just had ideas as to what I wanted to do. He helped me formulate my research questions and hypotheses. He also suggested what statistical tests he thought I should use for my study. After running all of the tests, he helped interpret and explain my results to me so that I was able to defend my dissertation with confidence. Brian was very flexible regarding when he could meet with me and we even had one meeting over the phone. Highly recommended!”

Shanda A. (from Yelp) – San Diego, CA


“Brian is great! He was able to code and interpret my data in a very short time period. He knew exactly what I wanted without having to explain myself over and over. Definitely recommend him.”

Negs N. (from Yelp) – San Diego, CA


“Brian really helped me with my statistics for my dissertation. He’s really helpful and makes things easy to understand, doesn’t make you think you’re asking stupid questions and goes out of the way to help. I would definitely recommend this place!”

Pooja G. (from Yelp) – San Jose, CA


“Brian is a knowledgeable and thoughtful statistics consultant who helped me complete my dissertation. Brian went out of his way to learn more about my statistical analysis and provided valuable insight into a complicated procedure. Without him, I’m not sure I would have been able to defend my work.”

V. John Nguyen, Ph.D. (from LinkedIn) – San Diego, CA


“Brian is an incredibly helpful statistician. He knows the material so well and is able to explain it in a way that you can understand. His prices are more than reasonable and he goes above and beyond with the help he provides. He also does so much more than just stats. He can answer a lot of questions when it comes to your dissertation. I would not have been able to complete my dissertation with out him. I highly recommend his services.”

Brittney H. (from Yelp) – San Diego, CA


“Brian is awesome! Initially, my project was supposed to be very simple but it became much more complicated once I really got into it. Brian was so patient and really helped me understand what it was that I was looking at in my data. I am so glad that I reached out to him for help. He simplified the analyses and really took time to get to the heart of what it was that I was interested in studying.I would absolutely recommend him to people who need to consult a professional on their statistical analysis. I am sure that I’ll be reaching out to him again in the future as well.”

Colette A. (from Yelp) – San Diego, CA


“I’m a doctoral student with Capella University and hired Dr. Harward as a consultant. He was knowledgeable about my topic and clear about the levels of consulting he provides. Payment was very competitive. His level of commitment and excitement about statistics is contagious. I’ve never met anyone so eager to delve into numbers as he was. His reports were user friendly and his advice and guidance were sound. He provides his data and tables with references and in APA format. The whole project was done with professionalism, compassion, and timeliness. I would recommend Dr. Harward to any student who is anxious about their research plan or dissertation methodology chapter. He’s the ultimate!”

Nicole B. (from Yelp) – Mooringsport, LA


“Brian was AWESOME and did an amazing job helping me with my dissertation statistics and he was there to teach me and answer any and all questions I had. I can’t recommend Brian highly enough for his knowledge, patience, speed and professionalism. If you want to finish your dissertation and graduate, he’s the guy to help get it done….and get it done quickly!”

Chris H. – Long Beach, CA


“Brian does a great job explaining stats to someone who has no clue about them. He also helped me with my final dissertation information and explained my tables. He not only helped me but he taught me how to describe my findings. He is a man of integrity and only does what is accepted with regards to professional standards and expectations. Never made me feel stupid and THAT is a plus. Thanks Brian. You ROCK!!”

Marty M. (from LinkedIn) – Grand Rapids, MI


“Dr. Harward was succinct and efficient in his work, and helped move my project forward very quickly. Highly recommend!”

Leslie C. Croot, Ph.D. (from LinkedIn) – Missoula, MT


“Brian helped me with stat work for my dissertation. He simplifies stats in a way that makes it easy to learn and communicate. Brian answered the many (many, many) questions I had and helped even more once I had completed my dissertation. I can not thank Brian enough!”

Alan Ledford Ed.D. (From LinkedIn) – Wilmington, OH


“I hired Dr. Harward as a statistical consultant for my dissertation. He is passionate about his work, goes over and beyond with the services he provides, is timely and provides clear and concise information on payment. He was available for follow up from the moment he provided the report to the defense call. I would highly recommend Dr. Harward for any student who needs help at the research plan stage to the dissertation. He’s worth the investment!”

S. Nicole Bledsoe, PhD – Irving, TX


“Brian is very knowledgeable in field of statistics. He helped me with my doctoral dissertation in that he assisted me in formulating my research questions and hypotheses. He also suggested what statistical tests he thought I should use for the data I had collected for my study. After he ran all of the statistical tests, he helped interpret and explain my results to me so that I was able to defend my dissertation with confidence. I could not have completed my dissertation without his help!”

Shanda Angioli, PsyD – San Diego, CA


“Brian helped make sense of the stats for me in such a way that I was able to sucessful defend my dissertation research and impress my chair. Absolutely the best!”

Bethany C. (from Yelp) – San Diego, CA


“Dr. Harward is an amazing resource for anyone dealing with any stats. I sought out help on my dissertation late in the game and he basically saved my study. The report he provided was very easy to interpret and he made himself available if I had questions. A week before my doctoral defense he went through the whole report with me just to make sure I understood it all and remained available for consult up until the day of my defense. I highly recommend him and will be seeking his services out in the future.”

Breanne H. (from Yelp) – Lombard, IL